the pressures of a modern diet

we seem to face constant pressure about what and how to eat, but how do we go about choosing the path that is right for us?

sustainable green spaces

Welcome to a revolutionary (not so new) way of gardening. Almost everyone I know wants to do their bit to protect our beautiful planet and we frequently hear words such as ‘biodiverse’, ‘ecosystem’ and ‘sustainability’, which go hand in hand with ‘urban’ and ‘greening’. Towns as well as cities are becoming over populated, polluted and…

pure joy!

Nothing I like more on a sunny day…

little (woman) fish, big (man) sea

I attended the Ecobuild exhibition at The Excel for the first time yesterday. I have been to other trade and networking events in the past and I thought I had a pretty good idea what to expect. I had planned my visit beforehand, knew all the stalls that I wanted to engage with and what I…


Today we were visited by the #beastfromtheeast which brought a constantly changing sky that created such magical colours, shapes and shadows in the garden. I couldn’t resist playing with my shadow when the sun came out and taking snaps of the snow laden trees and plants. I love how the snow piles up on the…

Extra curricular

A little extra curricular activity for me this week. I had great fun designing this poster for my good friend and part of the magnificent women DJ crew. This will be a fab event supporting a very worthwhile cause; I am sure everyone knows at least one person affected by breast cancer #disco #middleagespread

End of year

I ended this year with a lovely redesign which we hope to start work on in the new year. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the owners on this garden and cannot wait to see it progress into something truly wonderful


This afternoon attended the google #digitaldrive event hosted by #twentyone (who did a super job) On my journey there; I laughed at my very long shadow, marvelled at the choppy sea, admired the blue sky against the curves of the southend viewing platform and finally I soaked up the evening sun on my way home.

Hand drawn

I so enjoy sketching, drawing and colouring designs. It is my most favourite part of the design process and all done by my hand, horrah for me